AQ Tip: Keep an eye on Singapore’s developments

Unlike the essay question format, the AQ offers no options for you to choose from. How do you then prepare for AQ since it can be on any topic?

The reason the AQ (Application Question) is named as such is because it requires you to apply the reasoning in the compre passage to Singapore’s context. Hence, one way to prepare for the AQ is to keep an eye on Singapore’s developments, and be attuned to the “Singaporean framework” in responding to different issues. (We hope to touch more on this in our future posts.)

It is useful to keep a resource bank of Singapore’s developments, and write your own notes on their significance and implications. We will use the example of the recent changes to our cyber security laws to show how you can extract the issue and potentially use it as a resource for AQ.

SG Development:

The amendment of the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act to “keep pace with the evolving nature of cybercrime.”

Key Issue:

The cyberspace is also a platform for crimes and existing laws may not have provision to prosecute certain offences that undermine cybersecurity.


This is an example of the government’s proactive approach in keeping pace with cybercrime and enhancing cybersecurity. As a small nation, Singapore takes security very seriously, evident in our heavy investments in the national security sector and emphasis on Total Defence.

In today’s context, information security is increasingly becoming an important cause of concern as it has far-reaching impacts on all the 5 pillars of defence (military, economic, psychological, social and civil). The law amendment represents a small step forward in strengthening our safeguards on the cyber front.

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