March 13, 2017

H1 GP Tutor

Mr Tan Gim Yong

I am a full-time tutor at General Paper Singapore, and was formerly a school teacher at Raffles Institution and NUS High School.  I enjoy challenging students to think out of the box and helping them develop critical thinking skills.  In my 10 years of teaching, I find that many students struggle with H1 GP on two fronts – having a deep understanding of the content and being able to articulate their ideas in a coherent and convincing manner. The free resources found on this website and my Facebook page are meant to help a student keep abreast of the latest developments in GP-related issues. Through my essays and commentaries, I also hope to model out the type of writing that students can emulate, and give them a clearer idea of what is expected of them in GP essays.

My areas of specialisation include:

  • General Paper (A levels)
  • English Language (all levels)
  • Linguistics (A levels)
  • Theory of Knowledge (IB)

I offer both one-to-one and group tuition. Group classes are currently held at Orchard Plaza.

For more enquiries, you can contact me at gim@generalpaper.sg or 96959510.

Education Background

Master of Arts by Research in English Language, NUS
Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in English Language, NUS 
Raffles Junior College  
Raffles Institution