March 13, 2017


H1 GP Tuition and Resources – Our Purpose


Our purpose is to help all students enjoy H1 General Paper not just as a subject, but also as a way of thinking that helps them make sense of the world around them. We curate relevant current affairs articles and provide pointers on how to relate to them in the GP context. By offering in-depth analysis, commentaries and model essays on various GP topics, we hope to make GP a more accessible and ignite their interest in the subject.

How we can help you improve in General Paper (GP)

Teachers in schools often stress the importance of keeping up to date with current affairs. Yet, many students struggle to do so. This is understandable as some of these topics may be difficult to navigate because of their complexity – I can imagine students finding it hard to to form a meaningful understanding of issues such as Brexit or the Israel-Palestine conflict when they read their first news article on the topic. To help students in this area, our Facebook page “General Paper Singapore” sieves out the most important news of the week and extracts the important GP learning points to give students a quick overview of the issue at hand. 

We believe in modelling what we teach. Many teachers teach the techniques of writing, but often stop short at demonstrating the actual writing themselves.  All the essays and commentaries on our website and Facebook page are written by our H1 GP tutor, Mr Tan Gim Yong, a former teacher at Raffles Institution and NUS High School.

General Paper (GP) Tuition

We also provide one-to-one and group tuition.  Our lessons focus on helping students develop the necessary GP process skills so that they will be well-equipped to critically analyse the various GP issues and articulate them powerfully in writing.

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